Shanna wears a very wide variety of hats within the company and always ensures things are running smoothly behind the scenes. Her colleagues jokingly like to say that she has an alter ego, “Jan,” who has no problem being confrontational in order to make sure that our clients are always receiving the best care. For these reasons, we endearingly refer to her as our “Jan of All Trades.”

Shanna Selph has worked closely with Jeff Herdzina since 2011, and throughout that time, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to rise to any occasion. When it comes to Shanna’s job, no task is too daunting and no problem goes unsolved. Her perseverance and detail-oriented nature both enable her to take chaos and transform it into a workable, structured system to ensure the job is always done right. Her unparalleled work ethic, can-do attitude, and unfailing positivity make her an integral member of our team.

Shanna was born and raised in Texas, and her motto in life is “go big or go home.” She maintains a close relationship with her mother, who has served as her motivation and role model throughout her entire life. She has a wonderful daughter, and she is determined to live up to the inspirational example her own mother set for her. Shanna enjoys the summer months filled with sunny lakeside activities, watching football, and spending time with her loved ones. She believes that you make your own happiness in life, and is committed to demonstrating positivity in every aspect of her life.