Founder and President of ExitBig, Jeff Herdzina, holds a strong track record of success thanks to a combination of a dynamic personality, sophisticated high-energy sales, and years of first-class business experience. Jeff started ExitBig because he wanted to provide buyers and sellers with the personalized business brokerage experience that he would want – the experience every business owner deserves.

As one of the founders of US Data Corporation, a national direct marketing company, Jeff Herdzina has years of experience helping businesses find qualified customers. Starting in 2005,  Jeff led US Data Corporation from start-up to over $8 million in revenues by the end of its third year, undeterred by the financial meltdown in 2007. During these years, he has consulted with thousands of different businesses in a wide variety of industries, which has given him an unrivaled base of experience and a unique ability to gain an in-depth understanding of the true value of a business. Jeff’s first-hand experience as a successful business owner enables him to fully appreciate what a momentous decision selling a business can be.

Jeff Herdzina was born in Columbus, Nebraska, which is not just a hard-working town of farmers and blue collar workers – it is also a great teacher of character and solid values. Jeff’s relentless work ethic, positive determination, and overwhelming commitment to his relationships and honoring his word can be traced back to his hometown roots. After graduating from the University of Nebraska Omaha as the captain of his college football team, he put his stellar leadership and social skills to work by developing a dynamic network across the Midwest. Jeff’s extensive circle of business connections is one of his greatest assets in helping match his clients to the perfect buyers and sellers.

When Jeff is not working, he enjoys spending time with his life partner, Becky, and his teenage daughter, Makenna.  They enjoy attending concerts, golfing, traveling, and hanging out with friends.  Makenna will be entering high school in the fall of 2017 and will be driving to school next year on her own.  Jeff is a bit nervous about this – but he assures us he has taught Makenna his excellent driving skills.